Save Money, Decrease Maintenance, and Beautify Your Home With the Most Advanced Windows Today

Most would consider new windows a big investment, but it is one, that if done properly, pays you back a very high rate of return. Beside a possible substantial bump up in your home's value, replacement windows can have a dramatic impact in helping to reduce your home's energy consumption. Todays' windows, like the many installed by Mike the Glazier, are among the most technologically advanced and energy efficient windows in the industry today. We can install windows which are the very pinnacle of home enhancement, energy conservation, and decreased maintenance.

How to Shop For New Windows

Since one of the biggest reasons we buy new windows is for the energy savings, it is important to understand how efficiency is compared. Assuming that a manufacturer adheres to standards, you will hear the terms U-Value and R-Value:

  • U-Value

    U-Value represents a windows tendency to transfer heat in or out
    (conductance). If a window's U-value is low, it will lose less heat than one with a higher U-value.

  • R-Value

    R-Value describes a window's resistance to the transfer of heat; therefore if a window's R-value is high, it will lose less heat than one with a lower R-value.

There are several factors which affect the R-Value of a window:

  • The type of material involved (eg. treated glass, plastic, etc.)
  • The number of layers of glass
  • The amount of space between the layers of glass (volume of "air")
  • The overall "tightness" of the installation
  • The thermal conductance resistance of the frame and other supporting materials

The Whole Picture

It is important to keep in mind that you must consider the entire window
installation (including the frame and surrounding hardware) when determining potential energy savings. A highly efficient window will do you no good if it is improperly installed or if the frame is compromised.

Mike The Glazier Can Guide You

Call us, and we will come and do a free customized survey to determine your specific needs and energy situation before performing any work. We can discuss the features of the windows from the top manufacturers, and answer your questions. Mike the Glazier will maximize your energy conservation and savings, while beautifying your home. You will receive world-class service that you will not forget!

The 2009 Stimulus Energy Tax Credit Can Put Money Back In Your Pocket!

The 2009 Stimulus Energy Tax Credit can benefit you! Consumers purchasing qualifying energy-efficient windows and doors can qualify for up to $1500 in tax credits, for a limited time. Please call Mike the Glazier for details or visit for more information.